Evgenia Diordiychuk [Евгения Диордийчук] (photos by S. Enenko)

Evgenia Diordiychuk is an eastern European model specialising in soft core pornography and nude and semi-nude photography. She enjoys an extensive internet fan base, mostly under the pseudonym Katie Fey.
Originally noted for being "shy," and often doing non-nude, though sexually suggestive and topless posing, she has recently begun revealing her pubic hair (or shaved mons pubis) and, to a limited degree, her labia. Her kaitefey.com website now advertises her as,"Now 100% Fully Nude!," likely due to greater competition for page views from more explicit web sites. However, she remains reticent about doing anything "hardcore," choosing to work solo almost exclusively (occasionally posing with another woman in suggestive, but non-sexual sets), refusing traditional pornographic genital or anal close-ups, does not work with men, nor does she perform explicit masturbation (although she does simulate masturbation in several of her video offerings, she doesn't really seem to become aroused doing so; it appears to be more as part of her stripper/tease routine). This may be part of her appeal, making her more of a "girl next door."

Evgenia Diordiychuk [Евгения Диордийчук] (photos by S. Enenko)
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