Jill Nikki - Pop Culture 02

Fox's reality TV show, Married by America, was based on the concept that two total strangers could meet on TV, get engaged, fall in love and live happily ever after. Unfortunately, Fox's hopes were dashed when one of the final two couples, one of which was Special Editions model Jill Nikki and her fiance Kevin, stood at the altar before all of their friends and family and decided not to say "I Do." Apparently, one of the reasons Jill gave for jilting her husband-to-be in front of family, friends and all of America was that he and his family could not accept her decision to pose nude for Playboy. Bummer for Kevin, but good for all you Special Editions fans! So, if you missed Jill's photos in our fall '01 College Girls issue, check out her exclusive never-before-published pictorial in red-hot lingerie right now, or you can see her photos in Playboy's Blondes, Brunettes & Redheads, which is on sale now.

Jill Nikki - Pop Culture 02
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