Ruvi Bazaz by Christian Arias for DSS Spain July 2012

Meet model, actress, writer, editor, motivational figure/speaker focusing on women’s empowerment, fitness enthusiast and aspiring author: Ruvi Bazaz. This East Indian female entrepreneur was born in Boston and relocated to a small town near Sacramento, California at the age of nine.
Growing up, Ruvi became fascinated with the acting and modeling world and dreamed about being a part of it. Since she was born, she was always in front of the camera because of her mother’s love for photography. Her mother has photos album filled with photos each for literally every year of her life, so being in front of the camera came natural to Ruvi. Ruvi first dabbled in the modeling world at the age of 16 yet her priority was getting her high school diploma and then her college degree, as modeling was more of a hobby. Education came first, as the life of a model comes with an expiration date.

At the age of 18, Ruvi moved out on her own to Sacramento, CA to attend college. She worked full-time to support herself and attended school full-time all while maintaining highest honors. She was on Dean’s List and part of an International Honor’s Society throughout college. Moving out at such a young age forced Ruvi to mature quicker than most teenagers. Ruvi learned the importance of hard work and juggling many different responsibilities at once, early on in life. She was a member of the Speech and Debate team, the Secretary of the Business Club, and a member of Women in Business and the American Marketing Association. Ruvi majored in Communications with a Marketing minor, which serves her well in marketing herself in her career as an entrepreneur.

It was not until after graduating college that Ruvi saw modeling and acting as a career option. After graduation, it was kind of like, ‘Now what?’ and being a firm believer in the quote: “If you love what you do, you won’t ever work a day in your life”, Ruvi chose pursuing her dream over a 9-5 career in corporate America. Both of her parents have worked as entrepreneurs throughout their entire careers, so it was only natural for her to desire the the same. She couldn’t think of anything else that she was more passionate about and had stuck with for so long. Modeling became Ruvi’s way to create and express herself. Ruvi has always loved art, writing, producing and making a vision come to life.

Ruvi Bazaz by Christian Arias for DSS Spain July 2012
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