Zahia Dehar - Bikini Candids in Malibu

There aren't many fashion designers who can say they got their starts as underage prostitutes. Despite her best efforts, Zahia Dehar is still best known in France as a footballer's birthday present. The 20-year-old surprise new muse and protege of the fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was not long ago a teenage, underaged prostitute who met clients in VIP bars around Paris's Champs-Elysées while her mother apparently thought she was at sleepovers with schoolfriends, and was paid for sex by one of France's most famous football stars. But the players emerged more scathed than she. Zahia crossed over into fashion, earning praise from Karl Lagerfeld and a cover shoot for V's Spain edition. She also starting designing fantastical lingerie, the second collection of which included plenty of tassels, lace, cupcakes, pasties and what appear to be mini wedding veils acting as a bikini top.

Zahia Dehar - Bikini Candids in Malibu
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