Playboy Trip: Back in Argentina

Lauren Elise, Ashley Hobbs, Dani Mathers and Jaime Edmondson - Playboy Trip: Back in Argentina
How do you beat the cold winter months in North America? Travel down south where it’s summer bikini season! That’s exactly what four sexiest Playboy models did last February’s PLAYBOY TRIP: BACK IN ARGENTINA!
Take a peek at this sexy pics and you’ll see that ladies had a blast the last time they hit Patagonia. There will be naked polo matches, perky boobs in the snow, and even some wild nights out in Buenos Aires! International vets Dani Mathers and Lauren Elise come back for another adventure and they had two new Playmates to frolic with. Oh yea, for this exotic journey Playboy have wrangled up Miss January 2010 Jaime Edmonson and Miss December 2010 Ashley Hobbs. They’ll be your “unofficial” tour guide to the hidden treasures of Argentina. Trust me, the Grand Canyon has got NOTHING on the mountains of Salta! But of course, the whole point of this TRIP is to get great nude photographs of our four lovely ladies. And you can bet we’re delivering in that department too! 



Playboy Trip: Back in Argentina
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